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NB-IoT / eMTC IoT Wireless Sensor Node

WISE-4471_S  WISE-4471_B  WISE-4471_03_S  WISE-4471_02_S  WISE-4471_S  
WISE-4471_S  WISE-4471_S  WISE-4471_B  WISE-4471_03_B  WISE-4471_S  
WISE-4471_02_B  WISE-4471_02_S  WISE-4471_03_S  WISE-4471_02_B  WISE-4471_03_B  
Main Feature
  • Global coverage of NB-IoT and eMTC frequency bands
  • Application-ready I/O combination with optional IP65 I/O
  • Wide voltage power input with 10 ~ 50VDC
  • Data buffered function with time stamp reducing data lost
  • Fast and easy deployment to reduce operation cost
  • Supports direct cloud service for IoT integration
  • Supports MQTT and CoAP protocols

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