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LPWAN Wireless Sensor Node with Temperature and Humidity Sensor

WISE-4210-S231_02_B  WISE-4210-S231_02_S  WISE-4210-S231_03_B  WISE-4210-S231_02_S  WISE-4210-S231_03_S  
WISE-4210-S231_S  WISE-4210-S231_03_S  WISE-4210-S231_S  WISE-4210-S231_B  WISE-4210-S231_02_B  
Main Feature
  • Proprietary LPWAN with using sub-1GHz wireless frequency
  • Battery power for 5 years with 3 x 3.6V AA batteries
  • Up to 5 km communication range in open space
  • Longer communication range than 2.4GHz
  • Better penetration through concrete and steel than 2.4GHz
  • Less interference than 2.4GHz spectrum
  • Application-ready I/O combination with modularization design

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