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31.5" Multi-functional Self-Service Kiosk with Intel® Core™ i5-6300U

UTK532_portrait_Right  UTK532_landscape_Floor_stand_Left  UTK532_landscape_Floor_stand_Front  UTK532_Floor_stand_Front  UTK532_landscape_Floor_stand_Front  
UTK532_landscape_Floor_stand_Back  UTK532_Floor_stand_Left  UTK-532_Front right _S  UTK532_portrait_Left  UTK532_Floor_stand_Right  
UTK532_landscape_Top  UTK532_landscape_Floor_stand_Right  UTK532_landscape_Floor_stand_Left  
Main Feature
  • 31.5" LCD 16:9 widescreen display with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Built-in IntelR Core™ i5-6300U processor (UTK-532F)
  • Low power consumption and fanless design
  • Aluminum frame with side groove design for flexible peripheral installation
  • Support both landscape and portrait screen orientation
  • Standard VESA 200mm mounting holes for varied mounting demands
  • Support Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems
  • Modular peripheral device including a thermal printer, a barcode scanner, a NFC/RFID reader

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