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Single/Dual Port Fiber 100GbE PCIe Adapter with Mellanox® ConnectX-5 Ethernet Controller

PCIE-2420_Left_B_14-min  PCIE-2410_Left_B_13-min  PCIE-2410_Lift_B_9-min  PCIE-2420_Top_S_4  PCIE-2420_Top_B_4-min  
PCIE-2410_Left_S_13  PCIE-2410_Top_B_6-min  PCIE-2410_Top_S_6  PCIE-2410_Top_B_6-min  PCIE-2420_Lift_B_10-min  
PCIE-2410_Top_B_6-min  PCIE-2410_Lift_S_9  PCIE-2420_Left_S_14  PCIE-2420_Lift_S_10  
Main Feature
  • 1 x Mellanox® ConnectX-5 Ethernet Controller
  • Single/Dual 100GbE QSFP28 port
  • Supports 100GBASE-SR4 and 100GBASE-LR4 transceivers
  • PCIe Gen3/Gen4 (16 lanes) host interface
  • Support SR-IOV based virtualization
  • Advanced virtualization and network overlay support
  • Low profile and full height form factors

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