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MIC-75G20 GPU i-Module, 1 PCIe x16 + 1 PCIe x4, dual front accessible storage bay

MIC-75G20_Front _B  MIC-75G20_Front left _S  MIC-75G20_Front left _B  MIC-75G20 _S  MIC-75G20_Front right _S  
MIC-75G20_L _B  Project_16  MIC-75G20_Front right _S  MIC-75G20_Front _S  MIC-75G20_3D left _S  
Project_16  MIC-75G20 _S  MIC-75G20_Front right _B  MIC-75G20_3D left _B  MIC-75G20 _B  
MIC-75G20_3D right _B  
Main Feature
  • Offering powerful GPU solution with nVIDIA 250W, 2-slot width/285mm length GPU cards for new AI application
  • Dual 24VDC power inputs with reliable power and OCP solution for up to 600W maximum peak power currency
  • Intelligent power status indicating LED for system and GPU card independently
  • Versatile wall-mount, table-mount, suitable for any industrial environment deployed
  • Dual front accessible storage bay for easy swap
  • Up to 40°C op. temp., 0.5 Grms op. vibration
  • IP30 rating with fan filter, suitable for outdoor or industrial environment
  • Compact size design

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