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3U OpenVPX XMC carrier

MIC-6131_Right_B.jpg  MIC-6131_Lift-Left_S  MIC-6131_Lift_S  MIC-6131_Lift-Left_B-min  MIC-6131_Lift_B-min  
MIC-6131_Left_B-min  MIC-6131_Lift-Left_B-min  MIC-6131_Lift_B-min  MIC-6131_Left_B-min  MIC-6131_Left_S  
Main Feature
  • OpenVPX MOD3-PER-1F-16.3.2-3 profile compliant
  • Comply with VPX VITA 46.0, 46.4, 46.9 and VITA 48 spec
  • High speed Data Plane interface up to PCIe gen.3 x8
  • Optional PCIe output up to gen. 3 x8
  • XMC interface with X24S+X8D+X12D pin field
  • Design to support the XMC card with 75W power consumption*

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