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4U Rackmount/Tower Chassis for EATX/ATX Motherboard with Up to 8 SAS/SATA HDD Trays

HPC-7442_Open_fan_S  HPC-7442_Front Left_B  HPC-7442_Open_HD_S  HPC-7442_Open_fan_B  ACP-4360_back_G  
HPC-7442_Front-Left_S  HPC-7442_3D_HD_B  HPC-7442_Front_Open_G  HPC-7442_3D_HD_S  HPC-7442_Front-Left_S  
HPC-7442_Front_Open_B  HPC-7442_Open_S  HPC-7442_Front_B  HPC-7442_Left_Open_G  HPC-7442_Front-Left_S  
HPC-7442_Front Right_B  HPC-7482_Right_G  ACP-4360_back_S  HPC-7442_Front_Open_S  HPC-7442_Open_HD_G  
HPC-7442_Open_HD_B  HPC-7442_3D_HD_G  HPC-7442_Front_Open_4HD_G  HPC-7442_Open_B  
Main Feature
  • Supports EATX/ATX motherboard
  • Shock-resistant disk drive bay provides four hot-swap 3.5" or 2.5" SAS/SATAdisk trays, one slim optical disk drive, and one 3.5" internal drive
  • With optional storage upgrade kit installed, system equipped up to eighthot-swap HDD trays for higher storage capacity requirement
  • Supports 80plus single and redundant power supply
  • Front-accessible system fan without opening top cover for easy maintenance
  • LED indicators and alarm notification for system fault detection
  • Built-in Intelligent System Module enabling whole system fan control and remote manageability

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