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1U Short Depth Server Chassis for MicroATX/ATX Server board with 1 full-height/half-length PCIe x16 Expansion Slot

HPC-7120S_Front-Right-2_S  HPC-7120S_Front-Right-2_S  HPC-7120S_Front 2_B  HPC-7120S_Top Open_S  HPC-7120S_Front-2_S  
HPC-7120S_Front-Left-2_S  HPC-7120S_Rear 2_S  HPC-7120S_Top Open 2_S  HPC-7120S_Front Right 2_B  HPC-7120S_Front Left 2_B  
HPC-7120S_Front Right 2_B  HPC-7120S_Top Open_B  HPC-7120S_Rear_S  HPC-7120S_Front_B  HPC-7120S_Front_S  
HPC-7120S_Top Open 2_B  HPC-7120S_Rear 2_B  
Main Feature
  • 1U short depth server chassis supports MicroATX/ATX motherboard
  • Two hot swappable and two internal 2.5" SATA/SSD drive bays
  • Anti-vibration FAN design
  • Two front USB3.0 ports
  • Feasible for front I/O design

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