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6th Gen Intel Core i7-6822EQ QC/i5-6442EQ QC Rolling Stock Fanless System

ARK-2250R_Front _B  ARK-2250R_Front left _B  ARK-2250R_Front right _B  ARK-2250R_Front right _S  ARK-2250R_Rear _S  
ARK-2250R_Front left _S  ARK-2250R_Rear _B  
Main Feature
  • Intel i7-6822EQ QC/ Intel i5-6442EQ QC SoC
  • Stackable extension design, option extension kit for applications
  • DC 24V EN50155 S2/C1 compliant, DC 48/72/110V options
  • Supports redundant power input
  • -40 ~ 70 °C wide temperature support with EN50155 TX compliant
  • Solid connection for LAN/USB/Audio/COM and power input
  • Anti-vibration/shock proof, IEC 61373 Category1, ClassB
  • Built-in Advantech remote management software WISE-PaaS/RMM

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