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Smarter Heavy Duty Solutions
with Rugged In-Vehicle Computers
High Ingress Protection*
Prevents dust accumulation
and water ingress
Shock and Vibration
Compliant with EN60721-3
(5M3 safety standards)
Assured Stability Under
Temperature Variations*
Can withstand extreme temperatures
and airflow limitations
Rugged Touchscreen*
Supports IK07/08 impact resistance
and gloved operation
Vehicle Diagnostics
Features optimized CAN bus firmware and SDKs
* Refer to the datasheet for detailed specifications
Application Scenario
Komatsu Partners with Advantech for
AIoT Heavy Duty Construction Equipment
Advantech Heavy-Duty Solution Offerings
Rugged Vehicle-Mounted Terminals
7" VMT with
AI accelerator
10/12” VMT with
12 function keys
DLT-V7210 K
10” VMT
with keyboard
DLT-V83 Series
high-performance VMT
In-Vehicle Computing Solutions
Modular in-vehicle AI platform with optional IP65 cover
Compact in-vehicle computing box
Industrial Tablets
10" industrial-grade tablet
Extension modules
vehicle docking station
Universal cover
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