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Windows on ARM
What is Windows on ARM?

Windows on ARM (WoA) refers to Microsoft’s Windows Operating Systems running on PCs powered by ARM processors. The Windows on ARM platform brings Windows 10 to ARM-powered laptops and tablets and has been updated to run Windows 11 as well.

A report from ARM and Microsoft, which surveyed developer attitudes about Windows on ARM indicates that 81% of developers expect the WoA market to grow in the next five years.

Why Windows on ARM?

Compared to Windows in a traditional laptop, WoA promises a superior battery life, always-online internet connectivity via 4G or 5G, super fast boot times and chipset-level support for security features.
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Advantech seeks to deliver the enormous potential of Windows on ARM to our customers. As a consequence, we’re excited to continue our collaboration with Microsoft and NXP towards the goal of equipping users with the resources needed to make the WoA development process as seamless as possible.
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NXP i.MX8MPlus Cortex-A53 Edge AI Box Computer
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