Introducing TREK-60N Dual-System AI Platform: Made for Vehicles, Crafted for Harsh Environments
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TREK-60N Dual-System AI
Made for vehicles, crafted for harsh environments
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TREK-60N Dual-System AI
Scalability   Ruggedness   Simplicity
The modular I/O design allows for easy customization with the addition of optional modules.   Drawing on a wealth of industry experience, systems have been built to be rugged to withstand a wide variety of user scenarios and reduce maintenance costs.   TREK-60N operates just like a multi-box system to offer car power protection, Intel-powered computing, NVIDIA-powered computing, a PoE switch, and more.
Roadside Unit   iBus   Heavy Duty
Roadside Unit   iBus   Heavy Duty
Traffic management
5G, C-V2X
Driver behavior management
Blind spot detection
Collision avoidance
Machine maintenance
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AI Computing Excellence
Scalable, Rugged and
Dual-System AI Platform Enhancing Efficiency
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TREK AI Computing Solutions
Powerful and rugged, inside and out.
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TREK AI Computing Solutions
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