Overcome the Challenge of Surging Demand Caused by COVID-19
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Increase warehouse operational efficiency with Advantech DLT series VMTs

The demand for new warehouse solutions is rising significantly as pharmaceutical companies, super-markets, and online retailers struggle to keep up with increasing demand sparked by COVID-19. With warehouses now busier than ever, operational efficiency has become even more critical for business success.
Advantech's DLT series of rugged vehicle-mounted terminals feature an industrial-grade, high-performance design to support the busiest warehouses worldwide in maintaining best practice and overcoming recent challenges.

Easy deployment and technical support

Advantech offers staging tools for both Windows and Android OS to allow easy system deployment. Our regional technical support teams provide the most instant on-site and off-site assistance.

Around-the-clock operations

Featuring an uninterrupted power supply and industrial-grade design, Advantech’s DLT series are rugged VMTs built for a wide range of missi-
on-critical applications to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Maximizes performance for cold storage

With a wide operating temperature range (-30 ~ 50 °C/-22 ~ 122 °F) and the ability to integrate an optional defroster that eliminates condensation, the DLT series maximizes warehouse performan-
ce to satisfy increasing cold storage demands from regional wholesalers, supermarkets, and online retailers.

Enhanced sanitization and hygiene

All DLT series VMTs can be safely disinfected using isopropyl alcohol without damaging the terminals. The touchscreen also supports gloved operation for increased protection from cross-contamination and infection.

Advantech DLT Series VMTs for Warehouse Management

Warehouses/Distribution Centers
• Goods receiving and picking
• Pallets and goods location tracking
• Goods packing and loading
• Inventory management





10/12/15" Rugged
Vehicle-Mounted Terminal

10/12" Rugged
Vehicle-Mounted Terminal

10" Rugged
Vehicle-Mounted Terminal

8" Vehicle-Mounted
Terminal with Keyboard

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