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Mobile technology has made its way into the core strategies of hotel businesses. According to the study by Intelity, of guests who used hotel in-room tablets, 41% ordered in-room food, 21% requested a wake-up call, and 7% called for a housekeeper. Tablets are proving to be an effective communication tool for guests and staff.
The Mobile Front Desk
Information Terminals give guests the ability to utilize online maps to quickly search and find particular destinations. Digital is faster and more convenient with powerful value added features to help you discover restaurants, entertainment events, and places of historical interest. Discover a world of fast changing places, events, and information.
In-Room Tablet Technology
In-room tablets allow customers to adjust the room temperature, air conditioning, order room service, or automatically checkout. They can be used to let room service know their room is available to be cleaned. And they can be used to access Netflix and other streaming services.
Highly Expandability Module - extends and enhances functionality.
IP65 Front Panel Cover – offers water and dust protection.
Wide Range of Accessories - creates flexible configurations depending on customer requirements.
External Battery Status Indicator and Meter – user friendly power status.
Only 600g – easy to carry.
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