Industrial Automation
Advantech Ensures Reliable Computing with TPM 2.0 Technology
VPS-3100 Fanless Vision Inspection System
The VPS-3100 is an embedded vision system with 4-core Intel® N3160 processor. Two independent 2Gb/s network ports easily provide great computing power and connectivity to maintain flawless manufacturing line output. The VPS-3100 also supports PoE (Power over Ethernet). With a compact, fanless design featuring IP40 protection, the VPS-3100 is an ideal solution, at home in factory environments.
Free Chassis – Limit First Three Customers
This HPC-8316 chassis is completely free for your field deployment when you buy an Advantech mainboard, CPUs, RAM and PSUs for your 3U chassis.
【研華WebAccess/EAQ 與您一起捍衛空氣品質】
201711_EE 空氣品質
Advantech Solution Day: Next Steps
Event presentations for people interested in servers.
【研華好禮三重送 呼朋引伴享好康】
(광고)어드밴텍 최신 Win10지원 IoT 산업용 터치패널 PC 온라인 구매하면 5% 바로 할인!
Advantech Solution Day: Next Steps
After Advantech Solution Day, what's next? Brief survey, photos and more.
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