Transportation Infrastructure
IoT-Enabled Smart City Infrastructure Monitoring
Cutting edge physical infrastructure monitoring of tunnels, pipelines, roads and more with Advantech industrial-grade switches, fanless embedded PCs, Intel Xeon servers and data storage.
Improve Network Management with IXM Technology
Improve Network Management with IXM Technology and EKI-7710 Series Managed Switches.
Register for Advantech Solution Day with Intel, Micron, NVIDIA, DataCore - Oct. 26, 2017
Server Solution Day invitation and highlights from a Advantech NVMe storage server review.
Cruce la meta con las completas soluciones de transporte de Advantech!
Automation's Intelligent Roadway Systems eDM retooled for the Northern Cone (Spanish) ICOMM products.
Desempeño Insuperable con los sistemas industriales Core i7/i5/i3 – Desde $930!
Core i7/i5/i3 Industrial Systems - retooled for the Southern Cone. In Spanish.
Mayor performance en sus aplicaciones industriales gracias a los microprocesadores Intel Core™ i7!
Core™ i7 Fanless Embedded PC ARK-3440 eDM targeted for the Southern cone